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The success story of the brothers Gianfranco and Graziano Piccoli began in the early 1970s. With mobile sales cars and ice cream shops, great successes were achieved in Germany, so that a central ice production was soon built. This first happened in Westphalia-Lippe. In the year 1995, the Piccoli brothers joined the Osnabrück-based company Roncadin (now R + R ice cream), which at that time was still a family business with also Italian roots. In the year 2006, the Piccoli brothers once again went completely their own ways and buildings, also in Osnabrück, a modern production company according to the model of craftsmanship. Due to the capacity limit at the Osnabrück site, the former production site of Alterwest Ice Cream AG was acquired near Frankfurt a.M. in the middle of 2015.



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Because quality and exclusivity guarantee you as a restaurateur the success in the competition
with the grocery store. This way you can offer your guests an incomparable product of exquisite ice cream art. We offer you different 5 litre assortments with many different flavors. For example, the premium brand "Käfer Feinkost", the original Italian ice cream from "G&G Gelato" or our standard quality "Sommerland" ice cream.

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